Zero-waste Birthday Bath Set

Zero-waste Birthday Bath Set

Whether you are celebrating alone or unwinding after an eventful day with friends, this zero-waste birthday bath set is certain to bring peace and calm that helps you sleep like an angel. This makes it one of the best gifts you can give yourself on any night to help maintain or restore your well-being. Try pairing it with a good book, your favorite chill music, or another treat. The candle and bath bomb have sweet and festive scents that are popular.

These items have a minimal environmental footprint. The materials can degrade back to nature or be recycled, and the production and transport are offset. There is no plastic in the products or the shipping except for the compostable film around the bath bomb and the recyclable cap of the optional charcoal honey mask.

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  • Bath bomb in biodegradable film
  • Woodbury candle in travel tin
  • Natural body brush with pumice foot stone
  • Agave washcloth (lasts a long time)
  • (Optional) Activated charcoal honey mask in a glass jar. Removes impurities and refreshes skin. Make a selection in the dropdown above.

Mask ingredients:

Organic aloe vera, calendula infused olive oil, tea tree hydrosol, wildflower honey, activated charcoal, organic green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, white willow bark extract, & vitamin E


  • Hang brush out of stream of shower to last longer.
  • In general, never leave candles unattended or under flammable objects.
  • The bath bomb film is not backyard-compostable. If you have access to municipal composting, check if they accept compostable plastic. Or feel free to mail back the packaging.

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